Better Products! Better Service!

JEC Aseptics is committed to providing better products and better service. The company was founded in 1998 by Mr. James Cavanaugh. It’s business was set up to sell and distribute an array of products from many different manufacturers throughout the United States. Through unrivaled service, JEC Aseptics has been able to successfully sell it’s products to a range of different markets including retail, foodservice, shipping industry, food banks, and many government sponsored programs throughout the United States and the Caribbean. With an emphasis on future growth and customer service, in 2003 Mr. Cavanaugh’s sons, Eric and Clay, took complete ownership of the company.

When JEC Aseptics was founded in 1998, it had one simple principle in mind…to offer consumers better products, with better service.  JEC prides itself on being able to take an aseptic packaged product from the “idea” stage, all the way to the shelf.  From the time JEC was started until present day, JEC has established itself to be at the “top of the food chain” when it comes to knowledge and expertise in the aseptic industry. Over the years, JEC has maintained relationships with numerous key aseptic co-packers in the United States, and even forged partnerships with more strategically located aseptic co-packers in the Caribbean Basin. 

This allows JEC to expand its footprint at a local level in order to be competitive in certain markets.  JEC learned from early on that in order to keep up with it’s competition, it needed to stay ahead of the curve when it came to new product ideas.  This belief led JEC to develop it’s own brands for a variety of markets…most notably Naturally Almond.  Riding the wave of the almond milk craze, JEC developed Naturally Almond to diversify its offerings to it’s growing consumer base.  In (2) short years of selling Naturally Almond on the island of Puerto Rico, JEC has seen its product become the outright category leader over Almond Breeze and Silk by a wide margin. 

This was primarily established with only (2) SKUs…Original and Vanilla.  Rather recently, JEC has introduced (2) additional flavors…Unsweetened Original and Unsweetened Vanilla, with a Dark Chocolate flavor due to be introduced in the near future.  After seeing the success Naturally Almond has had on Puerto Rico, JEC decided to expand its geographic footprint to new markets in Dominican Republic and Central America/Panama-Costa Rica-Guatemala.

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